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Eric’s Brain Busters


Q: A new survey says just two percent of American women don’t do this.

A: Shave their armpits!

Q. Three out of 10 married people don’t know what about their spouse?

A. How much money they make

Q: After books…What is the second most borrowed item in America?

A: Jumper cables

Q: Four out of five American millionaires admit to doing this. What is it?

A: Clip Coupons!

Q: “Mommy” and “daddy” are the first words most babies learn – What is third?

A: More!

Q: What is No. 1 on the list of words that is the same in 10 different languages?

A. Amen

Q: About one out of 10 men are embarrassed by there what?

A. Wardrobe

Q: Five out 10 women in a recent survey say they generally pay just over a hundred dollars for what?

A: A bathing suit

Q: A USA Today survey shows that this word is most often misspelled on your grocery list. What is it?

A: Mayonnaise