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Dar’s Favorites


Lindsay seems like she has a real fun personality.   Naturally… i love those animals.   : )

Somebody I just love … love…. Hunter Hayes.   Talk about a natural.    : )  Do you know his story?  When Hunter was 4yrs old he began making appearances on national television playing the accoridan.  He performed “Jambalaya” with Hank Jr.   Hunter plays 32 different instruments.   Such a gentleman… so gracious.

Anywho…. He did a duet with Jason Mraz (Jason is a pop artist. Had a hit called “I’m Yours”).   They filmed this video with seven of You Tubes artists and it only took ONE take.

Hunter Hayes and Jason Mraz….. Everybody’s got somebody but me.    : )

Just love this little ole girl… Carrie Underwood.    I have talked with her a few times and everytime she seems to be that down home girl.   Recently she has added “coconut oil” to her life.   : )   So do i.   She uses it as a moisturizer, hair conditioner and she cooks with it too.   So do i.   : )   I swich with olive and almond oil too… with rosemary.   : )

Tonight the “Battle Rounds” are on “The Voice”.   The mentor for Blake Shelton’s team is …. Cher.   Looking forward to being a couch potato tonight.   : )

Brad Paisley is just one of those SUPER TALENTED guys.   Songwriter… guitar playin’ MACHINE… and CLEVER…. just love him.   : )

Love…. “The Voice”.    The “blind auditions” is my favorite part because, the contestant is judged solely on their VOICE.   : )   Every now and then you get “a voice” that is original.   They don’t really sound like anyone else out there.   When you have “that voice” and a humble, sweet young lady like this one…    I can’t wait to see how far she goes.    Love to have her on the “country side” of course.  : )

Love to watch really good dancers.

So Keith Urban’s flight is postponed due to bad weather… has to reschedule his show.   Has empathy for us who know it’s more than just a concert ticket.   It’s getting a babysitter again… maybe a hotel room… etc.   Do we have to wait and hear from his management?   No… Keith sent us a video.   Love him.   Coming down our way October 5th.  : )

Way to go ladies!   : )   Love this idea.

lol…. Patience is a virtue.   : )   It is “BETTER” when you wait for it … dont’cha think?   Having control of our flesh is a beautiful thing.   : )

LOOK AT THAT BOAT.    : )    Looks like he’s having sooo much fun.   Makes me smile. : )

It was her fifth attempt and she finally did it.   : )   Diana Nyad is now the only person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage.   More than 100 miles took her about 53 hours.   Diana Nyad is 64 years old.   She said … Never ever give up.

Just can’t get enough of these videos.  Gotta love those happy tears.   Have you posted a message on our military wall of honor yet?   : )

There’s a new pooch in the White House.   : )  The Obama’s original first dog is named Bo, a Portuguese Water Dog, who moved in the White House shortly after they moved in.   Michelle thought Bo needed a playmate so she got Sunny, another Portuguese Water Dog,  named for her cheerful personality.   Sunny arrived at the White House yesterday (Monday 8/19/13).   In honor of her arrival, our President and First Lady made a donation to the Washington Humane Society.   Looks like they are getting along just fine.   : )

i knew i liked her.   : )   Yes… country IS country wide.  Even in space


Taylor knows who “You’re so Vain” is about?   That has been a secret for such a long time.   Must be a songwriter thing.   : )   Love this.

lol… a little long… but… lol… people are crazy.  yep…. i have danced with animals before.   Ya wonder what they’re thinkin’.   : )

oh my gosh…. how touching.   Like they said….    When it comes to making memories… why wait.    Life is soooo short.

Heads up drummers…. watch this…. WOW.   : )

Now that was a production.   Love the clever ways people ask their special someone to marry them.  : )