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Lyrical Pursuit


Last night was Carrie Underwood’s debut… Sunday Night Football Theme.    Remember … Carrie has taken Faith Hill’s place.

Mama’s hooked on Mary Kay…  brother’s hooked on Mary Jane and daddy’s hooked on Mary two doors down.   : )    It’s the birthday girl…. Kacey Musgraves…. Merry Go Round.

On this very day back in 2002, Alan Jackson collected 10 nominations for the 36th annual CMA Awards.    He broke the 32 year old record held by Merle Haggard.   Love Alan Jackson!!

lol… don’t cha wish you had a little more money to spare these days? : )
Today we have three popular country artists with birthdays today.   Shania Twain, LeAnn Rimes and Jake Owen.   Since I’m giving away tickets to Championship Bullriding at Bergeron Rodeo Grounds, the song for today was , “Eight Second Ride” by Jake Owen.   Which really has nothing to do with bullriding.   : )    The music sounds like a sho’ nuff bullriding song tho’.
This guy was just at the Round-Up last Thursday! Casey James!!
I’m wondering if any were married?   Not only are they in deep kimchi with our government , now they have to face the wife.   : 0Sara performed at our Undercover Concert last night at Gulfstream.  She was awesome.  Love her.’S oldest retired shuttle Discovery makes her farewell flight today.   Now she rests for all of us to see at our Smithsonian Institution’s hangar at Dulles airport.   : (Reminds me…..HOUSTON—The crew of space shuttle Atlantis was awoken at 10:29 p.m. EDT (0229 GMT) to the song “Days Go By” by country star Keith Urban, played along with a recorded video message from workers here at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.”Good morning, Atlantis, from all of us at the Johnson Space Center. Have a great day!” the crowd shouted while holding up handmade signs for each crew member.”Well, good morning, Houston,” replied Atlantis’ mission specialist Rex Walheim. “The days do go by, so we better start living and we are. We are enjoying every minute up here. Thanks so much for the greeting from the Johnson Space Center, our home — home of some of the hardest working, most talented people who have made some incredible things happen in spaceflight. We thank you for the greeting. We’re looking forward to another great day in space.”Thanks NASA Birthday Reba McEntire!!!   : )   3/28   Here’s a song she did with Kenny Chesney that pulls at my heartstrings.   Fortunately,   I have never been divorced,  so didn’t have to live this song.   : (…. tonight is another line dance class at The Round Up.   Lisa will be teaching us another easy one.So here’s your lyric…..How did we stary so long together?   When everybody, everybody said we never would.Here’s the video.   See ya tonight.   ; )  Posted 3 14 12:  For the next couple of months we are going to be out at The Round Up on Wednesday nights at 8:00 p.m. to learn the line dances.   Tonight we will start off with one that’s pretty easy.    So todays  lyrical pursuit song is…. Little White Church by Little Big Town.   The line dance we will be learning tonight.So here’s your lyric…Say you’ll buy me a shiny ring
But your words don’t mean a thing Pursuit is a game I play at 12:30p.m. Monday thru Friday.   I will give you the line of a song.   Your job is to tell me what song it is from and who sang the song.  First person through at 866 954 0999 wins.   EASY!!   Be listening today the song is from 2004.  : )