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House in the House: The Jay DeMarcus Interview


Rascal Flatts’ Jay DeMarcus and his wife, CMT host Allison DeMarcus, recently sat down with veteran Nashville radio personality Gerry House. And while they did discuss the band’s new single “Rewind,” other things came up along the way. Things like golf. And diapers. And who is the better cook in the family. First, House asks them to answer for each other. So Jay (as Allison) says he prefers picking out knickknacks over golfing. Then Allison (as Jay) says she’s never changed any diapers. “I actually just asked my wife the other day — our oldest daughter is 3 — and I asked her where the diapers were, if that tells you anything,” she said while portraying her husband. The interview takes place in the home studio of the DeMarcus’ house. And eventually, the conversation turned to the band’s music and “Rewind,” which marks DeMarcus’ debut as a Rascal Flatts producer. “He doesn’t want to hear what I have to say about all that,” his wife said about keeping her opinions to herself when it came to the band’s latest record.

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