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“Luke Being Luke” Makes Luke Bryan Right for Lee Brice


“Why is he opening the show?” Sometimes, that’s what I think when I read an artist’s tour lineup. I guess I just feel like some acts don’t go together. But when Luke Bryan announced Lee Brice will be on the road with him for the rest of the year, I knew it was perfect. And so does Brice. The last time he was in Chicago, he’d only done a couple of stops with Bryan so far. And they still have about 50 dates left to go through the end of October. But Brice told me he knew they be a great fit, mostly because of how Bryan’s humility. “Luke came to me and was like, ‘Lee, I want this to be our tour. All the lights, all the stage — use it all,'” Brice said. “He said, ‘It ain’t about me looking bigger or better than y’all. I want us to all get out there and show them the best time.'”That’s all Luke being Luke. He’s humble, he’s selfless, and he’s there for the party.”

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