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After 5000 miles of rowing they finally made it to Miami :)


THEY MADE IT!!!!   After rowing 5,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, in a row boat called the “Spirit of Madiba”…    Riaan Manser and Vasti Geldenhuys arrived in Miami at Bayside about 12:30 p.m.  : ))   They became the first to row from Africa to North America…. making history.  Riaan said his knees were so sore he feels like a 100 year old man.

Scary parts…. Seas were so huge that the boat capsized at one point and they fell out.  : 0

Highlights…. the wildlife, whales joining them for hours, dolphins by the hundreds, catching awesome fish, quiet time with the pink, blue and white puffy clouds and bonding with Vasti and knowing her better than he had in 14 years.   : )

WOULD YOU DO IT?   We live in paradise… surrounded by water… at least spend some quiet time there every once in a while.   Your soul will thank you for it.   : )
Welcome to Miami :)

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