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‘Miracle story’ of California Chrome’s blue-collar owners – SFGate


I JUST LOVE STORIES LIKE THIS. Bought “Junior” for 10,000 something and has been offered millions for the 51% he owns of the horse. Steve didn’t just say no…. he said “Hell No”. Love when workin’ folks have their dreams come true. So ….. I’ll be watching the Belmont Stakes Saturday…. RUN BABY RUN. I’m bettin’ on that TRIPLE CROWN. : )))

Theirs is an unexpected love affair, which began with a slap on the knee and the words, “Let’s dance.”
Steve Coburn and Carolyn Black were in their 40s and relationship-weary from marriages gone bad. They were introduced at a party, and Coburn wanted to dance. He found Carolyn “real pretty”; she found him “kind of loud.”
“He taught me to do the two-step,” Carolyn said softly, smiling at the recollection. “He comes across kind of redneck-ish, but he’s such a gentle soul.”
Coburn sipped his Coors. “Oh, I know how to dance,” he said. “I can do the fat boy boogie pretty damn good.”
The Coburns, married now for 20 years, believe the planets aligned to bring them together.

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