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Darlene Evans

3 days ago

Officials want South Florida to break off into its own state – Sun Sentinel

OHHH BOY. : / WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS? Officials in the City of South Miami have passed a resolution in favor of splitting the state in half so South Florida would be its own state.

Post Grad Problems

3 days ago

Post Grad Problems

LOL…COURSE I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW IF YOU PLAY GUITAR AND YES…. PUT AWAY YOUR PHONE. : ))) Dating after college is tough. It kind of reminds me of blackjack: the house always has the advantage, but if you know how to play, you can tip the scales in your favor. Every species of animal […]

Yahoo Sports

5 days ago

Peyton Manning throws No. 509, sets NFL record for career passing touchdowns

CONGRATULATIONS TO PEYTON MANNING!!! Goosebumps and tears flowing… wow… that was awesome. lol….Loved when his teammates played with him…. Peyton said he hasn’t played “Keep Away” since he was 8 years old. A LESSON TO REMEMBER…. PEYTON HAS HAD FOUR SURGERIES ON HIS SPINE… SOME SAID HE WOULD HAVE A “RED FLAG” BESIDE HIS NAME […]


1 week ago

Watch US Marine get shot in HEAD by Taliban sniper – and live to tell tale – Mirror Online

WOW…. LUCKY IS RIGHT. KEEP OUR AMERICAN SOLDIERS IN YOUR PRAYERS ALWAYS. A Taliban sniper managed to get a non-fatal headshot on a Marine’s helmet while the Marines Helmand Province in 2013.


1 week ago

Draw The Butter, Stone Crab Season Is Officially Open « CBS Miami

STONE CRAB SEASON : )))))) Course …. i buy mine at DELAWARE CHICKEN FARM AND SEAFOOD MARKET IN HOLLYWOOD. Time to draw the butter and dip into one of South Florida’s favorite delicacies. Stone crab season has officially opened for commercial recreational fishermen who can hunt for the tasty crustaceans in state and federal… News, […]

Bleacher Report

2 weeks ago

Sunday’s Craziest Play: Rodgers Fakes Spike Then Scores Go-Ahead TD vs. Dolphins

IN THE HOME OF DAN MARINO…. HE DOES THE MARINO. What a nail-biting … heartbreaking football game Sunday. : ( Exciting to watch tho’. Thank you Miami Dolphins. Keep your head up. You’ll get em next time. : ))) The latest NFL news, rumors, scores, schedules, predictions, picks against the spread, free agent updates, power […]

2 weeks ago

October’s Weather Can Hold Surprises « CBS Miami

OCTOBER CAN BE A SCARY MONTH. : 0 Now that it’s October there are some things you might not have known about the 10th month of the year. For example, October is a bad month for tornadoes, floods and land falling hurricanes here… News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and Miami’s Best

2 weeks ago

Woman lives nine years in forgotten house for free – Videos – CBS News

AMAZES ME … HOW CAN PEOPLE LIVE IN A HOME AND NOT THINK THEY HAVE TO PAY MORTGAGE OR RENT FOR IT. SIMPLY NOT CARE ABOUT PAYING THEIR BILLS. Like Charlie Rose said…. stories like this can’t be scripted. : / A decade ago, Lisa Hardy was working for a real estate company that made […]

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