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Darlene Evans

The Hollywood Reporter

5 months ago

Carrie Underwood Talks Live TV, ‘Sunday Night Football,’ New Album: ‘It Feels Different’ – Hollywood Reporter

YEP…. SHE’S GONNA BE BACK AGAIN THIS YEAR….CARRIE IS SUCH A LIL’ CUTIE. Every Fall, millions of viewers huddle around their television sets, indulge in chicken wings and popcorn, and tune into Sunday Night Football. Carrie Underwood is one of them.

Washington Post

5 months ago

Adm. Michelle Howard becomes first four-star woman in Navy history – The Washington Post

IT’S EXCITING TO SEE HOW FAR WE’VE COME LADIES…. and how far we can go. : ) Course … The Army and Air Force each have named four-star female officers a while ago. Michelle Howard will become the first woman to serve as vice chief of naval operations, the No. 2 officer in the service. […]


5 months ago

Dolly Parton & Richie Sambora Lay your hands on me – YouTube

LOOKIE…. DOLLY PARTON STILL GOING STRONG. : ) Just love her. Saw her at the Hard Rock last year and she was just terrific. Doesn’t she look GREAT? Did you know Dolly now has sales of 100 million albums worldwide? Yep … a new milestone for her. The award was presented to Dolly while she […]


5 months ago

​The first thing to do for a heat stroke victim – CBS News

COOL FIRST…. THEN TRANSPORT. COULD SAVE A LIFE. I remember back when my kids were playing football and cheerleading… lol… i was the mom with the cooler filled with cold towels for the kids. Looking back… guess it wasn’t such a “crazy mommy idea” after all. : ) Kids spend most of their time in […]


5 months ago

Nightmare nanny won’t leave home, family says – CBS News

JUST A REMINDER BUDDIES….BE CAREFUL IN THE DEALS YOU MAKE. She could live in their home in exchange for childcare and housework. Imagine not being able to have her leave your home. : 0 Allegedly the nanny is one of those people who abuses the court system. California couple says they fired a live-in nanny […]

5 months ago

Watch USA fans chanting I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN across the world –

I / I BELIEVE / I BELIEVE THAT / I BELIEVE THAT THIS IS GREAT ! : ) We will see today at NOON. USA will play GERMANY. They have estimated that $300 million will be lost in productivity for American businesses today. Over 63% of us will be watching the game at work. Some […]


5 months ago

Joan Lunden Diagnosed With ‘Aggressive’ Breast Cancer

GET THOSE MAMMOGRAMS LADIES. EARLY DETECTION IS CRUCIAL. My family is fighting the “cancer battle” as well and I have such empathy for everyone who is dealing with this insidious disease. We have come such a long way in cancer treatment but, I cannot wait for the day when we find THE CURE. Joan Lunden […]

Elite Daily

5 months ago

Cristiano Ronaldo’s New Haircut Is Reportedly A Tribute To Boy With Brain Surgery Scars

YES…. I HAVE JUMPED ON THE USA SOCCER TEAM BANDWAGON. : ))  Something good and exciting to celebrate together as a country.   More people watched the USA soccer team play Portugal than ever before in the UNITED STATES. Course…lol… there IS A LOT OF EYE CANDY IN SOCCER.   Cristiano Ronaldo is just one […]

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