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Darlene Evans

4 months ago

Dove’s Father’s Day commercial a winner (VIDEO) | Features

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY SUNDAY DADDY’S!!! CALIFORNIA, June 12 – Dove is well known online for their moving commercials. For this year’s Father’s Day they did not disappoint. The media often diminishes the importance of fathers. It’s nice to see dads in a positive light again. Happy


4 months ago

Baby Birdman…. Lazaro Pereira : )))

THE CUTEST HEAT FAN EVER!!! 20 month old Lazaro Pereira. : )) “Baby Birdman” Pereira.   HEAT FANS ARE READY FOR TONIGHT.   : )  2014 NBA FINALS … Game 4 tonight…. 9:00 p.m. ABC.

4 months ago

25 Top Celeb Working Dads of 2014

LUKE BRYAN MADE THE LIST!!! Yep…. The Top Celebrity Working Dads list. He’s the only one of our country men to make the list tho’. Last couple of years he has been on the TOP OF HIS GAME. Nothing sexier to me than a man who is caring and wonderful to kids and animals. : […]


4 months ago

Lee Brice – I Drive Your Truck (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Happy Birthday Lee Brice… born in 1979. : ) One of my favorite Lee Brice songs.  It’s a sad one, but hits my heart , brings back memories.    Official video for Lee Brice’s brand new single “I Drive Your Truck” from his album of the Hard 2 Love. Album Available on iTunes: Ke…

5 months ago

A Kid Carries His Brother With Cerebral Palsy For 40 Miles

JUST LOVE STORIES LIKE THIS. : ) What a fine young man and only 14 years old. Like many older siblings, Hunter Gandee, 14, likes to give his little brother piggyback rides. Over the years Hunter has carried Braden, 7, to the grocery


5 months ago

‘Miracle story’ of California Chrome’s blue-collar owners – SFGate

I JUST LOVE STORIES LIKE THIS. Bought “Junior” for 10,000 something and has been offered millions for the 51% he owns of the horse. Steve didn’t just say no…. he said “Hell No”. Love when workin’ folks have their dreams come true. So ….. I’ll be watching the Belmont Stakes Saturday…. RUN BABY RUN. I’m […]


5 months ago

I LOVE SHOES TOO!! : ))) The average woman spends more than $20K on shoes

A typical female will own about 268 pairs of shoes during her adult life, the poll finds. Yes…. i have shoes in my closet i don’t wear too…. because they hurt. i can wear em for about 30 and i’m done. Love em tho’. Yep…. put me on the “Crazy Shoe Lady” list. : )

5 months ago

Here’s what you need to know about American Taylor Townsend

I just love this story… although I am not a tennis aficionado. : ) Love her endurance and faith when the United States Tennis Association wanted to keep her out of the tournament basically because they thought she was too chubby and lacked physical conditioning. She didn’t let it get her down. Taylor pressed on […]

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