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Darlene Evans

2 months ago

The Bizarre Rise Of Miami’s Real Estate Market « CBS Miami

Soooo….. What do you think? Some people just don’t feel the need for a vehicle. No payments … no insurance. Just need a little 500 square foot place to hang their coat…. whoops…. bathing suit. : ) Would you buy one of these “Little Bittys”? It was just a few years ago we were talking […]


2 months ago

Wallkill ‘Mighty Mites’ Youth Football Team Dropped By Vinyl Banner « CBS New York

Ahhh…. the memories of pee wee and youth football leagues. Boy… i miss those days. : )) So far the toughest competition that the Walkill Mighty Mites, 6 and 7-year-old, football team has faced has been a vinyl banner. News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of NY


2 months ago

WATCH: Devon Still gives daughter pep talk before cancer surgery –

Those of us that are dealing with cancer in our families, know that it’s a fight both physically and mentally every day. Here’s some more warriors fighting the fight. Way to go daddy… you are it!! Way to go Bengals organization for doing the right thing. Devon Still gave his daughter a pep talk before […]


2 months ago

Budweiser’s Drinking and Driving PSA Hits Home Without Showing Any Alcohol

I LOVE THIS COMMERCIAL. : ) WOW…. Got the message across too. WAY TO GO AGAIN BUDWEISER. : ))))Budweiser’s latest ad will not only convince you to never drink and drive, but will also make you never want to leave your pet’s side.

2 months ago

JetBlue plane lands safely after cabin fills with smoke

Getting ready for work this morning i saw this JetBlue story on the news. Never know what life will throw at us from one day to the next. Praise was given to the pilot and flight attendants for their handling of the situation. i got tickled tho’…. they were interviewing this guy after they landed […]

2 months ago

Eric Church by Lucchese

ERIC CHURCH HAS TEAMED UP WITH LUCCHESE BOOTS. : ) Check em out. i LOVE my Lucchese Boots. Lucchese Bootmaker – luxury boots handmade in Texas since 1883. Authentic American brand. Luxury handmade shoes, handbags and leather accessories.

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2 months ago

The Amazing Health Benefits Of Okra

Yesterday i got a nice surprise. : )) Melanie Ledford stopped by the station to bring me a crate of beautiful green HOMESTEAD GROWN OKRA from her farm… LEDFORD FARMS IN HOMESTEAD. Course i love okra breaded and fried… in stews and even with butter (even though it’s slimy) The slimy is really good for […]


2 months ago

Dustin Lynch – She Wants a Cowboy (Audio) – YouTube

Back to work…. took some vacation time to get some chores done and enjoy our South Florida and Lake Okeechobee. Yes…. i brought some music along to listen to…. however….when i got to… cut #8… SHE WANTS A COWBOY…. on DUSTIN LYNCH’S NEW ALBUM… WHERE IT’S AT…i haven’t listened to anything else. LOL… like Luke […]

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