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2 months ago

Otters Playing Keyboard At Smithsonian’s National Zoo Will Make You Smile (VIDEO)

i just couldn’t resist. Otters just so happen to be my favorite animal. Guess it’s because they always seem to be care free and having fun. : ) Otters don’t have to be the most musically talented sea creatures out there; they just have to be ridiculously cute.


2 months ago

Gambling on presidential elections in Nevada gets support

Soooo now…. Some think that if you can gamble on the election it will have more voter turnout…. others think…. maybe not. A lawmaker is trying to allow Nevada casinos to make it legal for people who want to pick win, place or show on America’s top political job

2 months ago

How Much Does It Cost to Book Your Favorite Band?

Management here at Kiss Country are planning for our 30th Anniversary Chili Cookoff next year. Yep… there’s a budget. Thought you might find this interesting. From Bieber to Springsteen, the booking fees of America’s biggest stars may surprise you.

2 months ago

Watch this mama bear save her baby from highway danger

Short but sweet… i love this. : )Get ready to feel an unbearable amount of joy wash over you after watching this video. A mama bear grabs her young cub to safety (after…

2 months ago

6 Iranians arrested for making fan video of Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’

Apparently, dancing to a song about happiness in Iran can get you arrested. This story is sooo upsetting to me. Such a different culture and way of thinking. What is wrong with spreading a little happiness. Laughter is the best medicine.


2 months ago

California Chrome may miss Belmont over nasal strips

California Chrome won the Preakness Saturday, with a time of 1:54.84, the fastest Preakness time since 2007. May not run the Belmont Stakes tho’. : ( Curious to see what happens in all of this. We could all use a little a little something to celebrate. Last time we had a Triple Crown winner was […]

2 months ago

Inside Volvo’s self-driving car: Improving driver safety without the driver – CNET

Human error is the reason for most accidents. I find this sooo interesting. lol… Comforting to know that when I’m too old to drive my car still can. Autonomous cars are coming soon, and Volvo wants to be there first. The company is pledging to have self-driving autos on sale by 2017, and by 2020 […]

2 months ago

This is the best Idaho debate ever

Sometimes what goes on in our world just makes me smile.

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