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Darlene Evans

Washington Post

4 months ago

Obama finally gets to drive – almost – The Washington Post

LOL…. I AGREE PRESIDENT OBAMA. HOW DO YOU DRIVE WITHOUT MUSIC. : ))) btw… President Obama hasn’t driven in six years. I forgot about that. He’s driven everywhere. Think I would really miss driving. Wouldn’t you? President Obama tries out a self-driving car simulator, as he makes the pitch for more transportation infrastructure funding.


4 months ago

Olympian Amy Van Dyken’s biggest challenge – Videos – CBS News

JUST LOVE THE EXTRAORDINARY ATTITUDE OF AMY VAN DYKEN. JUST SOOOO INSPIRING. : )A month after suffering a severe spinal injury that has rendered her a paraplegic, former Olympic swimmer Amy Van Dyken isn’t letting her accident slow her down. Van Dyken is channeling the drive and determination that got her to the Olympics into […]


4 months ago


DEADLIEST CATCH…. Have you seen that show? I have such a respect for the process of how that “CRAB” came to be on my plate. : ) Heart stopping action at times. Sig Hansen… a fourth generation fisherman has a beautiful 18 year old daughter Mandy who wants to follow in daddy’s footsteps. A take […]

Mail Online

5 months ago

San Francisco cop Chris Kohrs internet sensation thanks to Facebook photos

AND THEN…. THERE IS THE “GOOD GUY”. OM GOODNESS….THAT BODY…. WOW. : ))) The handsome, astonishingly fit Officer Kohrs, 36, with the San Francisco Police Department, has been sending hearts aflutter ever since one of his admirers shared a picture of the photogenic law enforcement official online.

5 months ago

Man Dies In Hot Dog Eating Contest — Chokes To Death DURING Competition

OH GOSH….. A 47-year-old competitive eater DIED during a hot dog eating competition in South Dakota on July 3rd … after choking on one of the hot dogs. Walter…

FOX Sports on MSN

5 months ago

Sleeping Yankees fan suing MLB, ESPN after getting teased during broadcast

PLEEZ…. A LAW SUIT? THIS GUY IS SEEKING $10 MILLION IN DAMAGES , ALLEGING DEFAMATION AND INTENTIONAL INFLICTION OF EMOTIONAL DISTRESS. Hmmmm…. i would think when you’re in public… you’re free game. Pick your wedgie, pick your nose, there are cameras everywhere. These days there is no privacy… right? Guess …. we’ll see. The man […]

Darlene Evans YouTube

5 months ago

You Don’t Say!

Baby girl talks gibberish animatedly to a bulldog sitting on the couch.

The Hollywood Reporter

5 months ago

Carrie Underwood Talks Live TV, ‘Sunday Night Football,’ New Album: ‘It Feels Different’ – Hollywood Reporter

YEP…. SHE’S GONNA BE BACK AGAIN THIS YEAR….CARRIE IS SUCH A LIL’ CUTIE. Every Fall, millions of viewers huddle around their television sets, indulge in chicken wings and popcorn, and tune into Sunday Night Football. Carrie Underwood is one of them.

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