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AOL Features

8 hours ago

Flip-flop leads to crash involving camel

Police in Wisconsin say a flip-flop led to a two-vehicle crash on Wednesday afternoon, and one of the vehicles was hauling a camel. (Photo credit: Getty) 

AOL Features

1 day ago

Robotic fish may do laundry in the future

A South Korean industrial designer has come up with a radical idea for doing laundry and it involves robotic fish. The clothes-washing masterpiece was designed for home appliance company, Electrolux.

AOL Features

4 days ago

Fugitive sheep gets whopping haircut

A shaggy sheep in Australia gets 52 pounds shorn off.

AOL Features

6 days ago

Epic jump fail for Boo the cat

Boo the cat has some big ambitions, unfortunately she just doesn’t always reach them! Here’s a good example. Watch as she lines and attempts an unsuccessful counter-top jump in the kitchen. Credit to ‘fallonkm’. (Photo Credit: Getty)

AOL Features

1 week ago

Fallon picks on Seacrest’s changing hairstyles

The ‘Tonight Show’ host brings a special surprise for E!’s absent correspondent. Let’s take a hilarious look back at Ryan’s frosted tips at the 2014 Primetime Emmys! (Photo Credit: Getty)

AOL Features

3 weeks ago

How healthy is that glass of orange juice?

It’s a popular breakfast beverage, but just how nutritious is that glass of orange juice? Molly Kimball getting the skinny on the best & worst bets when it comes to good old-fashioned OJ! (Photo Credit: Getty)

AOL Features

1 month ago

Drone spots humpback whales

A drone comes into its own once more, as Frank Brennan uses a Phantom 2 Copter to get some close-up shots of humpback whales breaching at Dana Point, California. Brennan and uploader Donna Kalez have seen the two whales going back and forth along the shores of Dana Point, Laguna and San Clemente. They say […]

AOL Features

1 month ago

Obnoxious dog bullies family cat

An adorable Miniature Pinscher takes full advantage of this situation and attempts to show the family cat who’s boss. It wasn’t as easy as he thought though!

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