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TC YouTube

6 hours ago

First iPhone 6 sold in the world is dropped by kid during an interview

This poor guy drops his iPhone 6 sold in Perth during an interview.

TC YouTube

1 day ago

You Gotta See This: Kmart Not a Christmas Commercial

Kmart would like you to know that this is NOT A CHRISTMAS COMMERCIAL. It’s way too early for that.

TC YouTube

3 days ago

You Gotta See This: Arkansas State Player Plays Dead

Arkansas State Player Plays Dead

KOBrien Bored Panda

3 days ago

30 Death-Defying Photos That Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

If looking down from the edge of a cliff or a tall office building gives you a little thrill in the depths of your tummy, then here’s a post that will tie your tummy into knots! We’ve found 30 of the most death-defying photos out there that will test even our most hardened readers. Having […]

KOBrien Vimeo

1 week ago

Where Are They Now? on Vimeo

OK, you can call it a documentary. A short story looking at the life of cartoon characters facing reality long after their heyday prime.

TC YouTube

1 week ago

You Gotta See This: Meet Stephen: Blake Shelton Surprises Pizza Hut Customers

To introduce its new Bacon & Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza, Pizza Hut had to call in reinforcements for some extra help.

KOB Sploid

1 week ago

There’s NOTHING cuter than these puppies swimming underwater

OK people, stop doing whatever you’re doing. Stop working, stop eating, stop loving or hating. Stop. Stop and watch these perfect photos of puppies swimming underwater by Seth Casteel. Because nothing else matters, really. Nothing. Nothing but puppies.

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