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KOBrien YouTube

3 months ago

A huge hole has opened up in Siberia.

Massive crater suddenly appears in Siberia Russia

3 months ago

This is real. Your selfie on… (wait for it) TOAST!

Custom Images on Toast ~ Unique Novelty Toasters This is not Photoshop fiction. It is REAL toast with your face toasted on it; and you don’t have to be famous or Jesus to do it! Yes, your image on toast! Totally custom Selfie Toasters with no minimum orders.

TC Youtube

3 months ago

You Gotta See This: Selfies Anonymous

A 12-step group for people who struggle with selfies.

TC Youtube

3 months ago

You Gotta See This: Top 6 Tastiest Bugs

They’re munchy. They’re crunchy. They’re the most delectable bugs people like to eat.

TC YouTube

4 months ago

You Gotta See This: Drive By Compliments

Drive By Compliments


4 months ago


Kayden a two year old that had his right foot and his left amputated in January is learning how to walk with prosthetics!! MY NAME IS NIKKI AND THIS IS MY VI…

KOBrien Mashable

4 months ago

‘Sharknado’ Is Now Also a Video Game

Hmm. Yes this is stupid. Yes I watched the entire movie. What does that say about me? ‘Sharknado’ is getting its own mobile game adaptation for iOS, out the same time as Syfy’s next movie.

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