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Kenny Walker and U-turn


5 months ago

The Mets’ Single-A affiliate is trading season tickets for LeBron James Heat jerseys

The Mets’ Single-A affiliate, located in St. Lucie, Florida, knows just what to do with the LeBron James jerseys Heat fans no longer want.

KW Gizmodo

5 months ago

Why a Once-Hated 1980s Design Movement Is Making a Comeback

Although you know it when you see it, it’s hard to accurately describe Memphis design without resorting to specific 1980s pop cultural references. It’s Pee-Wee’s Playhouse meets Miami Vice. It’s Saved By The Bell plus Beetlejuice. And it’s all coming back, in a very big way.

KW Yahoo Finance

5 months ago

‘Game Of Thrones’ Creators: ‘We Made A Bunch Of Mistakes’ In The Premiere Episode – Yahoo Finance

“Game of Thrones” was just nominated for 19…

KW Fox News

5 months ago

TSA misses loaded gun, knife on passengers boarding separate London-bound flights

Every one strives to increase their income, but those gearing up for retirement should be paying particular attention to revenue-generating investments.

KW Sun Sentinel

5 months ago

Man caught after aiming laser pointer at Sheriff’s helicopter, say deputies – Sun Sentinel

Shining a laser light pointer at an aircraft is a stupid thing to do, by all accounts. But after another two aircraft – including a Sheriff’s helicopter – were targeted Wednesday night in Palm Beach County, deputies are also pointing out another stark fact: it’s a felony.

KW Slate Magazine

5 months ago

Selective Service sends draft reminders to people born in 19th century.

Registering for the draft is the law for young men in America. If you were born in, say, 1996 that means you’re on the hook if duty ever calls. But what if you were born in 1896? You’d imagine the American military probably doesn’t need you on high alert for…


5 months ago

Naked woman doing yoga in Florida road arrested for heroin in Ocala

A Texas woman has been arrested for possession of heroin after Ocala police say they found her doing yoga and stripping in the middle of the street.


5 months ago

Forget checking in — JetBlue will do it for you- MSN Money

The airline says the whole idea of check-ins before a flight is ‘an increasingly antiquated concept.’

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