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Kenny Walker and U-turn


1 week ago

Julianne Hough Returns to Dancing With the Stars

Julianne Hough has learned a hard lesson about the movie biz … it ain’t that easy, so she’s returning to “Dancing with the Stars” but this time as a…


1 week ago

Minute To Win It BONUS!

Category: Superstitions & Magic Questions:  What’s the name of the monster that’s said to live in a lake in Scotland? Answer:  The Loch Ness Monster


1 week ago

‘Selfie queen’ posts more than 12,000 selfies

Instagram user Mortao Maotor from Bangkok has posted more than 12,000 selfies on the social media website.

UT WFLA News Channel 8

1 week ago

Busch Gardens Tampa opens Falcon’s Fury

Busch Gardens Tampa has opened the newest thrill ride Falcon’s Fury to park-goers.

KW Mail Online

1 week ago

Pope Francis shuns helicopter and takes the train to Mass in Korea

Pope Francis travelled in the fourth carriage of the train, with another 500 people on board, as he made his way to the service at a football stadium in Daejeon.


1 week ago

Average cost of raising a child hits $245,000 – Aug. 18, 2014

New parents listen up: The average cost of raising a child has reached nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

KW Mail Online

1 week ago

Vodquila is a hybrid of vodka and tequila and it’s heading for UK

The lethal concoction came about when father and daughter duo Chander and Nina Aurora decided to mix up his favorite two drinks.

KW Slate Magazine

1 week ago

Iowa students to wear heart monitors in gym class.

Loafing through gym class is an art form of sorts for many high school students. Techniques often include: hiding in the back of the gymnasium, walking-not running-the mile run around the track, half-hearted jumping jacks, and so on. For students in the Dubuque Community School District in Iowa, however, this…

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